Nurturing Ministry


The Nurturing Ministry has the core responsibility of developing and implementing a plan for Ministering to the Spiritual, Physical and Emotional needs of members of the church and also building long-life lasting relationships. The Nurturing Ministry is responsible for activities of the Age grade fellowships such as CFM (Council of Foursquare Men), FWI (Foursquare Women International), and the Youth Ministry.

We also cater for the general Welfare of members and ensure that adequate provision for counseling is (Career, Marriage, Financial, etc) available to aid relevant growth. Our agenda is summarized thus:

Providing an enabling environment for new converts to grow and become confident, committed Christians

Providing Spiritual food for both new converts and established Christians

Building relationships that help create a family feeling characterized by a sense of safety, mutual trust, respect and confidence.

If you would like to join us, please send an email to with subject "Nurturing Ministry"


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